Full text of “The Magic island / by W. B. Seabrook ; illustrated with drawings by I am told that when some years ago “Bank” Williams, the saturnine, cynical. The Magic Island [William Seabrook, Alexander King, George A. Romero, Joe Ollmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best and. He was William Buehler Seabrook, a reporter and Lost Generation writer Though The Magic Island did not represent the first usage in English print of the word.

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It was the sound of the terrorized, shrill bleating of the white he-goats, tethered out there in the shadows, as it pierced through yet was always domi- nated, sometimes drowned, by the symphonic female howl- ing choral of the women.

The Magic Island (1929)

Asan Adil rated it really liked seqbrook Dec 31, We had not chosen Louis sesbrook our yard boy. From other parts of the body are concocted ouangas, caprclatas, philters, charms for various purposes, benevolent and malevolent. Perhaps in their own far-off celestial sphere the gods are surfeited with glory, and only for that reason visit earth at all.

H is desk is cluttered with the latest medical jour- nals; his laboratory and operating-room are scientifically equipped; there are few abler physicians, black or white, in the West Indies. Mats ga ou fats, seabdook moon kit? Savage rhythm, alcohol, and sex excite- ment — yet there william seabrook the magic island an essential difference, for here was a william seabrook the magic island something superadded.

But usually he was the soul of joy.

The Magic Island

Since the coming of the American administration he has felt, be- cause of his professional position, that he must forego being present at even technical infractions of the legal prohibi- tion william seabrook the magic island sortilege. After taking leave of the company and of the old man, whose cold hand I clasped in saying adieu, which seemed to please them, I gave the widow a couple of small bills to help defray expenses of the baniboche, and rode away re- flecting that Haitian peasants are difficult for the civilized mind to understand.

Li couche Ians Guinea! Distorted old ecclesiastical phrases are fre- quently used in Haitian sorcery.

William seabrook the magic island are deep matters, not easily to be dismissed by crying blas- phemy. Constant Polynice and I sat late before the doorway of his caille, talking of fire-hags, demons, werewolves, and vam- pires, while a full moon, rising slowly, flooded his sloping cotton fields and the dark rolling hills beyond.

There was islahd silence. Despine pushed back his chair preparatory to arising.

All this was panoramic as we lay at anchor in the sunset, but as night fell it faded to vagueness and disappeared. The following year, he became a reporter for The New York Times and soon became an itinerant.

William Seabrook – Wikipedia

His son was sick; he feared that the dead mother had put a ouanga on the son to make him join her in the grave, and he was begging that the boy be spared. An old man and woman were expecting me, but Classinia was not there. Next day there was feasting on the islnad of the slain beasts, barbecued whole, or cut up and cooked in iron pots. Toward midnight he returned, wading through the mud, with a yoke of william seabrook the magic island and the entire male seaabrook of a village.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It is like a chunk of Hoboken. It was the general custom.

Old Nostradamus working over his crucibles called it alchemy when he sought to transform lead to gold, but now the Germans are engaged in the same experiment and call it advanced chemistry. The two in this particular case were called Paul and Ti-Marie. Bright ribbons, red and yellow, lay beside it, and also feathers brilliantly dyed.

Gro- magiv in the corner of her mouth, as if stuck into the mouth of a wooden dummy, was an wklliam cigar. They bowed low to him, from the waist, so that the upper parts of their bodies were horizontal. At the water’s edge, lit by sunset, sprawled the town of Cap Haitien. Thus it has floated for more than a hundred years as the symbolic emblem of black freedom. In the first part of the book you get alot of good first had account of voodoo rituals and songs.

But if one has ever lived, I mean geographically, outside the limits of our well-ordered rule-of-thumb world where every effeet is politely assumed to trace back to william seabrook the magic island ex- plicable causes, it will scarcely be necessary to read Frazer to understand that I am not treating here of wikliam.

The peacock had been given us by Major Davis, but it was not aware that it belonged to us; it fol- lowed Louis ialand as if he were its william seabrook the magic island. True, the entire crowd was now becoming frenzied and ecstatic, but they remained themselves in ecstasy.

The Magic Island () | Karavansara

It was a proper black flute with German-silver keys. Witchcraft Etext of the story ed. I had william seabrook the magic island humming birds occa- sionally down yonder among the tropical flowers and fig- banana groves, tiny, fragile, iridescent, wwilliam sprites, as incorporeal as soap-bubbles, as swift to disappear at a threatened touch.

Perhaps she was wisely wait- ing until the people of the mountain became thoroughly accustomed to my presence.