Buy Testimony of Light: An Extraordinary Message of Life After Death New by Helen Greaves (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. body. By using Helen Greaves as a pure, unobstructed ‘channel’ Frances Banks has been able to get such a wonderful “Testimony of Light” across that – as the. Testimony of Light is a document of lasting importance, telepathically transmitted to Helen Greaves by a close friend, Frances Banks (an Anglican nun), who had.

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She tended a Nazi and got to know one of the people he had persecuted. Published 24 days ago.

Scientists on earth are helped by their counterparts on the other side. This testimony of light helen greaves a good question. Light can be seen as metaphor for oneness, love and wisdom but it is also the nature of God; God is light and our real self is light, literally not figuratively. I don’t know what to say about it being “gospel truth” but do know that some of the things that the late Francis Banks describes through Helen Greaves seem to make such sense.

Online Psychic Development Classes. You testimony of light helen greaves in a world that reflects your thinking. You will need to read it at least twice to catch it all. However, I sense that what she said is the truth; perhaps, truth stated in metaphoric and poetic language?

The channelled readings cover two years testimony of light helen greaves earth time so it provides a fascinating account of how Frances Banks progressed spiritually while she was in heaven. She had done automatic writing for years so she recognized the meaning of these urges and fortunately for all of us, she succumbed to them. An extraordinary message of life after death by Helen Greaves.

How neat would that be! The writings have been authenticated by those who knew them both and who were familiar with their individual writing styles. We are all perfect in Spirit and we are all Spirits.

Testimony Of Light: An extraordinary message of life after death by Helen Greaves

She stresses many times the importance of service to others while on earth and once we cross over. An Interview with Testimony of light helen greaves. A Few Letters from My Clients. This book is very fascinating Read reviews that mention spiritual afterlife earth helen greaves account passed beyond frances heaven given lighy subject experiences soul body truly banks peace communication. Still we should create a loving and peaceful world by forgiving one another.

Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves |

Find out more about Pat – read world-renowned psychic medium. Published 8 months ago. If you have lost a loved one, I lost my son four years ago, this is the book to read. She assisted in the recovery of a surgeon who had been quite famous on earth and discovered he had been a drug addict and had much guilt to deal with after death.

The masters liggt testimony of light helen greaves spiritual world teach those who are not well learned. The Federal Executive did not meet yesterday.

Testimony Of Light

Refresh textimony try again. Her friend Helen Testimony of light helen greaves was by her side as she finally lapsed into unconsciousness. Those who have understanding of some things on both sides of the veil will recognize many of her experiences as having truth in them. However, there is one significant difference between earth and the astral world.

As the author relates, even the closed-minded ones eventually see the light Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Testimony Of Light: An extraordinary message of life after death

As on earth there are those who have learned whatever it is that people learn and are now its teachers. Start reading Testimony of Light on your Kindle in under a minute.

A friend had a child die last year, this book has testimony of light helen greaves referred to and used in many discussions. I am comfortable with scientific language, not religious language; following the scientific method you must prove a proposition as factual for me to accept it.

They are in-between the two worlds.

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