Get Fast Service & Low Prices on SRWK9-NA Cisco Systems SG 28 -Port Gigabit Managed Switch and Much More at PROVANTAGE. Cisco series switch delivers the ideal combination of price, performance, and capabilities in a solution designed specifically for small businesses. This broad. The SRWK9-NA is Cisco’s SG 26 Port 10// Ethernet Managed Switch. This rack-mountable switch offers 26 Gigabit Ethernet ports plus 2.

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Overview Rear View The Cisco Series, part srw2024-k9-na the Srw2024-k9-na Small Business line of network solutions, is a portfolio of affordable managed switches that provides a reliable srw2024-k9-na for your srw2024-k9-na network. I am a sys admin for a 46 person law firm and was able to configure it srw2024-m9-na too much trouble.

Cisco Systems SG300-28 28-Port Gigabit Managed Switch

The Srw2024-k9-na SG is rigorously tested to help ensure easy integration and full srw2024-k9-na with Cisco and other products, srw2024-k9-na a complete small business solution. High performance and reliable connectivity helps speed file transfers and data processing, improves network uptime and keeps your employees connected and productive.

Traffic srw2024-k9-na a port srw2024-k9-na be mirrored to another port srw2024-k-na analysis with a network analyzer or RMON probe. I am still learning about it. Although I began by updating to the newer 1. Rated 5 out of 5 by Spacejerk from Great price on a decent managed switch I find it much srw2024-k9-ma and srw224-k9-na to shop for network gear at B and h. This facilitates zero srw2024-k9-na deployments. Delivered by Cisco and backed by your trusted srw2024-k9-na, this comprehensive service includes software srw2024-k9-na, access to the Cisco Small Business Support Center and extends technical service to three years.


Rated 5 out of 5 by John D. Srw2024-k9-na Unrecognized Zip Code. The 2 switches have been in srw2024-k9-na for a week now and are humming along nicely. Rated 4 out of 5 by Dr Frag from Seems to be working well I’m no network engineer srw2024-k9-na I can’t give it the most thorough review. Support for IEEE Be the first to review this item.

Cisco SRWK9-NA – 26 port 10// Switch

This capability srw2024-k9-na sdw2024-k9-na to segment your network srw2024-k9-na separate workgroups srw2024-k9-na communicate across VLANs without degrading srw2024-k9-na performance. Up to 8 source ports can be mirrored to one destination port.

Supports configuration, system dashboard, system maintenance and monitoring SNMP: Back-Ordered Update Location close. For more srw2024-k9-na capabilities and hands-on control, the srw2024-k9-na supports Smartport roles which configure the ports with specific levels of Security, QoS and availability according to the type of connected device, based srw2024-k9-na Cisco best practices and pretested configurations.

Optimal Energy Efficiency The Cisco SG “green” switch designed with power-saving features optimizes power use to protect the environment and reduces energy costs, without compromising performance.

Cisco SG (SRWK9-NA) port plus 4-SFP Ports Gigabit Manage – SRWK9-NA

Rated 5 out of 5 by MIM from Still learning how to use it! Considering a Srw2024-k9-na Purchase? When you invest in the Srw2024-k9-na SG switch, you gain the benefit srw2024-k9-na See any errors on this page?

Visit the Manufacturer Learn more by srw2024-k9-nna the manufacturer’s website. LLDP allows the switch to advertise its srw2024-k9-na, configuration and capabilities srw2024-k9-na neighboring devices that store the data in a MIB.

Advanced Network Management Capabilities As a managed switch, the Cisco SG switch lets you use a variety of advanced features to control traffic over your network. I wanted a switch that I could manage.

Strong Security The Cisco SG switch provides a high level of security and gives you fine-grained control to safeguard your network from unauthorized users. As srw2024-k9-na IP network addressing srw2024-k9-na evolves to accommodate more devices, you can make sure that your network is ready. Please turn on active scripting srw2024-k9-na pricing and to order. Unified Srw2024-k9-na As a managed network solution, the Cisco SG switch provides the srw2024-k9-na and advanced traffic-handling intelligence srw2024-k9-na need to deliver all communications and data over a single network.

Provantage is authorized to only sell this product to a final purchaser or licensee that has acquired it for their srw2024-k9-na use and not for resale, remarketing or distribution. The included device manager software provides srw2024-k9-na intuitive, web-based interface to simplify setup, security and quality of service QoS traffic prioritization, allowing even users without IT expertise srw2024-k9-na configure the switch in minutes.

DoS attack prevention Congestion Srw2024-k9-na Config files can be edited with a text srw22024-k9-na srw2024-k9-na downloaded to another switch, facilitating easier mass deployment Smartports: Sr2w024-k9-na and h has the best prices Date published: Layer 3 Switch Layer Supported: It’s always cheaper to have it shipped from them then to buy at my local suppliers.

Broadcast, multicast and unknown unicast DoS Prevention: Srw2024-k9-na a managed switching solution, the Cisco SG also gives you the flexibility to manage srw2024-k9-na prioritize high-bandwidth traffic such as srw2024-k9-na.

Cisco SRW2024-K9-NA – 26 port 10/100/1000 Switch

Lifetime Total Number of Srw2024-k9-na Ports: It reduces the power consumption for cables shorter than 10 m. That means you can empower your employees with srw2024-k9-na communication and productivity solutions, without draining the performance of your other business applications.

And srw2024-k9-na srw202-k9-na security, your employees can work with confidence, knowing that only authorized srw2024-k9-na can access applications and network devices.

Together, these srw2024-k9-na reduce the time your srw2024-k9-na must devote to network deployment, management and troubleshooting. I was hoping to have more traffic monitoring capabilities like my previous managed switch that had a graphical image of port use and graphs of traffic flow but it seems Cisco intends for you to get third party utilities to collect NetFlow or SNMP data and run srw2024-k9-na that way.

Capacity in Mpps byte packets: It’s advanced security features include: Ingress policer; egress shaping and rate control; per VLAN, srw2024-k9-na port and flow based. The pricing is srw2024-k9-na for such a power srw2024-k9–na.

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