this is not a rehearsal. This enables easier manual focussing. The DSR-PDP incorporates three 1/3-inch CCDs with , REPLACE THESE. COMPONENTS WITH SONY PARTS WHOSE PART NUMBERS .. DSR-PD/PDP. This section is extracted from instruction manual. Buy: Sony DSR-PD Instruction Manual MFR: VDISOPD Brand: Kenro, Format: Book.

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Sony dsr-pd150 manual a cassette If you use a tape with cassette memory, you can label a dsr-pd50. After purchase we will upload it to a secure website then email you the download link. Page 92 Setting time values Setting the user bits value You sony dsr-pd150 manual set the user bits as eight-digit hexadecimal values base 16 to have the date, time, scene number, and other information inserted into the time code.

Sony DSR-PD user manual – – Solve your problem

LINK connectors, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the connected device. Connect the plug sony dsr-pd150 manual its v mark facing toward the LCD panel side. The custom preset setting appears on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder.

Commander modes 1, 2 and 3 are used sony dsr-pd150 manual distinguish your camcorder from other Sony VCRs to avoid remote control misoperation. When adjusting the discrepancy between time code value and real time. Using special effects — Digital effect You can add special effects to recorded pictures using the various digital soony.

The camcorder rewinds or fast-forwards the tape and the last five-second recorded picture is played back.

Usable Cassettes The IC memory is built sony dsr-pd150 manual the cassette with cassette memory. Your camcorder automatically starts playing back at the selected index point.

Preventing Accidental Erasure Image Protection To prevent accidental erasure of important images, you can protect selected images. Audio dubbing You can record an audio sound to add to the original sound on a tape by connecting audio equipment or a microphone. Don’t have an account? Using the zoom function sparingly results in sony dsr-pd150 manual recordings.

We use cookies for site personalization, marketing, and analytics learn more. Making Programs 1 Insert the tape for playback into your camcorder, and insert a tape for recording into the VCR.

Sony DSR-PD150

Slide the write-protect tab to release the write protection. The number of still images you can record is fewer than FINE. Recording a picture Using the zoom feature To zoom with the zoom lever Press dxr-pd150 power zoom lever a little for a slower zoom.

Refer sony dsr-pd150 manual these numbers. When you carry out an operation, you can hear a beep or a melody sound to indicate that the operation is sony dsr-pd150 manual carried out.

Sony DSR-PD150 DSR-PD150P Service Manual by download Ma

Functions you can adjust by setting sony dsr-pd150 manual AUTO LOCK selector to the center auto lock release position Iris, gain, shutter sony dsr-pd150 manual, and white balance Functions you can adjust in menu settings The functions using the cassette slny require successive signals recorded on the tape.

The label can consist of up to 10 characters and is stored in cassette memory. This information is not superimposed on the video signal, but is displayed during playback.

Setting time values Setting the user bits value You can set the user bits as eight-digit manusl values base 16 to have the date, time, scene number, and other information inserted into the time code.

Page Sony dsr-pd150 manual Corporation Printed in Japan Page 55 Page 56 – Presetting the adjustment dsr-d150 picture qu If you sony dsr-pd150 manual DISPLAY in standby or recording mode You can see memory playback and the file name indicators in addition to the indicators pertinent to tapes, such as the time code indicator. Page 77 Dubbing only desired scenes – Digital program editing Operation 1: Then press X at the point where you want to start recording to set your camcorder to the playback pause mode.

An index signal will sony dsr-pd150 manual recorded on cassette memory about 0. If you use the digital zoom function, the picture quality deteriorates. Your camcorder starts recording. Set the time according to the local time in your country. Use headphones to monitor the sound when you adjust it.


Troubleshooting Symptom Displaying the recorded date, date search function does not work. The contents is as supplied by the manufacturer which is beyond our control. Shooting with manual adjustment Under normal conditions, this unit automatically makes various adjustments as it shoots. Making your own titles You sony dsr-pd150 manual make up to two titles and store them in cassette memory.

For details, please contact your nearest Sony office. You cannot play back DV-formatted tapes recorded in LP mode. Meaning To display the remaining tape indication: If a still image to be superimposed sony dsr-pd150 manual lots of white areas The thumbnail image may not be displayed clearly.