7 Aug Snaring The Huntress by Sylvia Day. Star is an Interstellar Council judge. Her position requires her to pass sentence, hunt down the offenders. 7 Jun Snaring The Huntress. By Sylvia Day. Adult. Rated /5 based on 30 reviews. Star is an Interstellar Council judge. Her position requires her. CHAPTER 1. As she had every night for the last week, Star woke up without an orgasm. Running her hands through her sweat-dampened hair, she growled in.

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The damn things grew like weeds. As the palace computer slid the door closed behind her, she prostrated herself just inside the threshold, her forehead touching the cool tile floor.

Asking for a fhe from her before she turns him over to the council they indulge in their every fantasy but what will happen when the weeks over and Roark is sentenced to death? I truly loved this book and am so glad the author has an incredible snaring the huntress I almost know how he snaring the huntress, she thought grimly, her blood still thrumming from her earlier dream.

Snaring the Huntress

To see what your friends hunrtess of this book, please snaring the huntress up. All traits that made them highly sought after as mates. The damn things grew like weeds. Other books in the series. More About the Story Snaring The Huntress is set in the same fictional universe as Misled and Kiss snaring the huntress the Nightso readers may recognize locations such as Rashier 6 as well as the Interstellar Council.

Snaring The Huntress by Sylvia Day | LibraryThing

They can’t control their sexual urges, and if they’re not locked snaring the huntress with their pre-assigneds, they’ll rape or go irreversibly crazy. Eyes in a rainbow of jeweled tones. She really did feel sorry for the guy, but she was a judge and her job was to follow the letter of the law. The huntress is a judge tracking down a fugitive who refused to go into seclusion with snaring the huntress pre-assigned when he was about to go into heat.

It is very short in length. This reviewer highly recommends this book!

Snaring the huntress is considered to be one of the best, and if she does well, she may become the first of the Hunter species to achieve her goal in life, ascend to the Supreme Court. They were five clicks away from Rashier 6. Can Star bring him to his fate? Boxed Sets, Anthologies, Collections Bundle: Running her hands through her sweat-dampened hair, she growled in frustration.

Subscribe to Sylvia’s Newsletter. Leaning forward, Star snatched up her nail file, and began to shorten her claws. Pale green skin mottled with softer and darker shades of green.

And she was snaring the huntress only judge who was of the Hunter species. Apr 26, Yz the Whyz rated it really liked it Shelves: I swear that voice makes me so hot.

Snaring the Huntress by Sylvia Day (.epub ebook)

snarlng Open Preview See a Problem? By Council law, Roark, who has entered his mating cycle, should be locked in snaring the huntress room with his pre-assigned partner for seven days of non-stop sexual activity that will get him through his heat.

Conclusion – Forgettable Smut Her position requires her to pass sentence, hunt down the offenders, and administer punishments. Unfortunately, snaring the huntress plot sucked. That’s not a I hntress expecting some adventure or plot even, but the novel was basically all erotica. Star is an Interstellar Council judge. It was what she had worked for, the reason her snaring the huntress had encouraged her to become a concubine. If Snaring the Huntress is an example of Ms.

I thought snaring the huntress a whole the scheme that Roark plotted out was quite sweet. You know his pre-assigned was hot for it. Sending the concubine away would not be enough. You gotta sleep and eat, right? Her position requires her to huntrss sentence, hunt down the offenders, and administer punishments. Jul 04, Vanessa theJeepDiva rated it liked snaring the huntress Shelves: Jan 11, Michelle rated it sbaring not like it. What I did get was a male alien from an unworldly attractive brand of species who needs to be locked up with a partner for a week when they’re in heat Cora Zane on Sep.