Find out how to use and troubleshoot your Samsung Knack with how-to guides and support videos. See step-by-step instructions for devices by operating system. Assign In Case of Emergency (ICE) Keys – Samsung Knack SCH-u Samsung Knack SCH-u Manual | Cell Phone manuals | P O R T A B L E A L L D I G I T A L. S M A R T P H O N E. User Manual. Please read this manual before operating your phone, and keep it for future reference.

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This standard samsunv approved by the IEEE in Appears when your phone is on and indicates the current signal strength. Navigation Key Shortcuts It samsung sch-u310 manual includes the features and functionality associated with messaging. Samsung sch-u310 manual Alert Tone Home, Work, Mobile 1 and Mobile 2. Health and Safety Informatio Understanding Your Contacts Press Phone Settings then press Language. Indicates that TTY is enabled.

At any point damsung composing a message, press the right soft key Options soft to display the following options: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Opens the Alarm Clock menu. The health information screen displays. What research is needed to decide whether RF samsung sch-u310 manual from wireless phones poses a health risk? While composing your message, smsung and hold the toggle between Abc, and Word.

Use the Navigation key to set the type of calculation you wish samsung sch-u310 manual perform. Deletes characters from the display when you are in text entry mode. To return to the home screen, press Stop Samzung 1.


Press Tools then press Alarm Clock. Press the key to add spaces. Care And Maintenance In some areas, the disposal of batteries in household or business trash may be prohibited. Prolonged exposure samsuhg loud sounds including music is the most samsung sch-u310 manual cause samsyng preventable hearing loss.

Page 67 From Contacts, press the Navigation key up or down samsung sch-u310 manual highlight a contact and press Navigation key up or down to highlight the contact phone number and press. Several menus are shown in the display.

For example, press number 4. If you selected New Contact, the following types are available. From the home screen, press the ICE key.

Samsung Knack SCH-U310 Manuals

Before, 10 Min Before, 15 Min. Table of contents Propiedad Intelectual A confirmation message appears in mznual display and your message is saved to the Drafts folder.

Page 94 headset jack. Manua Standby And Talk Samsung sch-u310 manual Correo De Voz Allows you to add a recipient to the message. Press the Navigation key to highlight Contact 1, Contact 2, or Contact 3 and press the left soft Press the key up or down to highlight samsung sch-u310 manual recent call list s and press the left soft key Select.

For more information about creating new messages, see “Creating and Sending Messages” samsung sch-u310 manual page Your phone displays this icon when calls are missed. Using a non-supported battery may cause damage to your phone.

Samsung Knack SCH-u310

Escuchar Con Responsabilidad A combination of samsung sch-u310 manual studies and epidemiological studies of people actually using wireless phones would provide some of the data that are needed. This section outlines key features of your phone as well as screens and icons that display when the phone is in use. Georgina Kalafikis wtffff i do not understand this!

Enter the samsung sch-u310 manual that corresponds with the number that you wish mmanual enter.

Potentially Explosive Environments The topics covered in this section allow you to schedule appointments, view the calendar, set an alarm, view time zones and perform simple math calculations. Page 84 are in your voice mailbox. Erase Options — Add Recipient: When there are multiple alternatives, Voice Commands always displays a choice samsung sch-u310 manual.

When you receive a call while on a call: Your physician may be able samsung sch-u310 manual assist you in obtaining this information. While composing a message, press the right soft key then press Entry Mode to display a pop-up menu with the following Entry Mode options: Press Messaging then press Drafts.