26 Mar In Primal Leadership, which I coauthored with Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee, we describe four styles of leadership that create resonance. Developing resonant leaders through emotional intelligence, vision and coaching. Richard E. Boyatzis, Melvin L. Smith, Ellen Van Oosten, Lauris Woolford. focusing on the interaction between compassion and resonant leadership within . responsibility) and relationship management (Boyatzis and McKee, ).

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Boyatzis is a professor in the organizational behavior, psychology, and cognitive science departments of Case Western Reserve University and in the human resources department of ESADE.

Mindfulness, hope and compassion are important for leadership. It is so logical that leaders are lulled into sacrificing themselves for their jobs, goals, etc.

This book really “resonated” with me. I want to reread it again in a year or so, as I think that it has some messages that I need to hear and re-hear. I found comfort in how it applied emotional intelligence practically instead of giving abstract notions and further clarifying it with examples from real life.

Oct 17, Bethany rated it liked it Shelves: The author calls this the self-sacrifice cycle that leaders get caught in and it happens because they aren’t “Sharpen as you Saw” – Basically eesonant straight out of Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

It byatzis very well written and very helpful. To ask other readers questions about Resonant Leadershipplease sign up. Although I do take these sorts of examples at a grain of salt, they were logical and believable in the sense of how their actions lead to certain reactions from their subordinates and leasership and how shifting one way or the other lead to their success.

It’s a great book, but you’ll get to understanding much better after taking the amazing course on “Leadership with emotional intelligence” by Richard Boyatzis in Coursera.

In order to truly make use leadrship such book one must practice being a leader. Although I might end up getting a physical version as a reference and perhaps to do some of the exercises at the end of each chapter.

I think that this generally does that. I searched for a course to help myself and others adopt a formal process of leadership development for a 21st century company.

I had no idea I would love this book so much but this has quickly become one of the favorite leadership books I have read. I like leaderzhip ideas of continual renewal though. Feb 16, Shaw rated it it was amazing. The major issue I have with it is that its recommendations are vague and left without conclusion.

It was so honest and addressed things that most business books don’t talk about, compassion, hope and mindfulness. Weatley Leadership and The New Science: This book could have been titled “Leadership Burn Out: Using his Intentional Change Theory ICT and complexity theory, he continues to research sustained, desired change at all levels of human endeavor: Refresh and try again.

Best quote, boyatzix who pay attention to the whole self–mind, body, heart, and spirit–can literally be quicker, smarter, happier, and more effective than those who focus too narrowly on short-term success” p.

May 15, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. It’s leadershi; subject that you don’t always think about. Dec 29, Hans rated it really liked it Shelves: Seems overly optimistic leadershup me and unrealistic at times. Jan 09, Angelique Scharine rated it it was amazing.

It is a little short on method. Very insightful book about leadership. How Can We Overcome Them?

The author calls this the self-sacrifice cycle that leaders get caught in and it happens because they aren’t doing anything to rejuvenate themselves.

Jul 19, Luigi rated it really liked it Shelves: Harvard Business School Publishing