Jacket Design: Vikas Studio 1V02M Rs 35 ISBN 7 REMINISCENCES OF THE NEHRU AGE Reminiscences of the Nehru Age M.O. Mathai. – Buy Reminiscences of the Nehru Age book online at best prices in india on Read Reminiscences of the Nehru Age book reviews. Written by , who had served as Nehru’s special assistant (Personal Assistant – PA) for almost a decade & a half (between & ), it gives the.

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I amended my statement by saying that the idea struck Gandhi and Nehru simultaneously. After Rajaji’s exit from the office of Govern or- General, relations between Nehru and Vallabhbhai Patel grew steadily strained.

There is no doubt that the aftermath of partition was a terrible thing and the Indian people are greatly indebted reminiscence of nehru age Lord and Lady Mountbatten for their services qge this period They remained steadfast friends of India after their departure from this country. Then he asked me, “Why do you want that particular book?

Full text of “Reminiscences of the Nehru Age by-M-O-Mathai”

No eBook available Amazon. He asked me to visit him in Allahabad reminiscence of nehru age a few days and stay in his house and have some leisurely talks with him. As Prime Minister, Nehru never summoned them; whenever he had something reminiscence of nehru age discuss with them, he would go to their houses.

Mathai, Nehru’s Special Assistant and alter ego between andwas reputed to be the most powerful man after the Prime Minister during the years that he served Jawaharlal. He protested that he was a Hindu from south India. The original handwritten draft with the nehtu date remained with me all these years and was handed over recently to the Nehru Museum and Library along with innumerable documents and photographs. Andrews, who wit- nessed this harsh treatment, took the man aside and nenru reminiscence of nehru age his train fare and reminisfence few rupees from his pocket without Gandhiji’s knowledge.

So I had the honour of sharing Nehru’s last imprisonment; but it was reminoscence a brief period of about reminiscence of nehru age week. The full text of the note isgivenin Aonend v ttat reminiscence of nehru age r!

He described Attlee as a colourless person reminiscenfe a good committee chairman. Below is the draft of a letter from Nehru dated 12 Junefeminiscence to Viceroy Lord Wavell as corrected by Gandhiji: This was in spite of Nehru and Ambedkar having made it abundantly clear in the Constituent Assembly that under the Constitution the President would function purely as a constitutional head acting on the advice of the Cabinet.

He said neuru would not leave until the last non-Muslim, in his area, who wanted to migrate, left. Shaw read the first page and came to the conclusion that the man not only did not know how to write poetry, but also how to write correct English. I replied, “Half a dozen of the one were equal to six of the other.

A man called Thompson went to a surgeon and asked him to castrate him. The petty ambitions which sway most men never troubled him. Mulgaokar wrote a reminiscence of nehru age editorial in the Hindustan Times of 8 Maywhich I quote on the next page: He did not know about these.

If he thought that he could impose it, he was sadly mistaken. An excerpt from the chapter on Mahatma Gandhi: Malliah, MP, who was aware reminiscence of nehru age the incident. He can speak and confer authoritatively, which I cannot do.

Gandhiji was trying to forge Hindu- Muslim unity on quicksand. He reminded me that, according to the Valmiki Ramayana, “when Rama and Lakshmana arrived at the ashrama of Bharadwaja, the sage assembled a few fattened calves for Rama to choose from to be salaughtered for the feast. In Decemberat Anand Bhawan, Nehru again talked in generalities. She said that “the Madras fox was a dry logical Adi Sankaracharya while Nehru was the noble compassionate Buddha. He spoke to Gandhiji about it reminiscence of nehru age also about me.

Finally Shaw referred to his week’s stay in Reminiscence of nehru age, but could not recollect the lf.

Referring to the Labour government, Shaw said it had, on the whole, done well. Referring to Hitler’s threat that England’s neck would be wrung like a chicken, Churchill, in his famous speech to the Canadian parliament, used the phrase “some reminiscence of nehru age, some neck!

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. When he was satisfied that he had done his duty, he boarded a train for Delhi. Corruption is growing apace.

Upadhyaya, who had worked for Nehru and his father for long years, reminiscence of nehru age who was rotting, to be 12 Reminiscences of the Nehru Age put up as a Congress candidate for election to the first Lok Sabha. The third mistake was the dismissal of the eminent Indians com- posing the Viceroy’s Council, and handing over the Government of India to Mr Nehru.

Reminiscences of the Nehru Age – M. O. Mathai – Google Books

Need a copy of it. They talk of giving India freedom, but freedom has been restricted since the Nehru government has come to power. I have made no full-scale assessments of reminiscence of nehru age historic persons with whom I came into close contact. A rich man, and a married man with children, he took with him a young- ish woman and stayed in hotels in New York, London and Paris, entering their reminiscence of nehru age as “Mr and Mrs” in order to stay together in the same rooms.

One day a few of them came to the Prime Minister’s office in the secretariat through a door to the balcony reminiscebce was kept open.

X would be really grateful for any help you can give them. Mathai Snippet view –