English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘clínica’ pelvimetría clínica · predicción clínica · predicción estadística. 9 Apr Asistencia y. Diagnóstico en el embarazo. Estudio anatomo-pélvico. Sharai Hernández Barquera 9″A” Rombo de Michaelis Pelvimetria externa. Pelvimetría Mediante Tomografía Computadorizada Reformada sobre en 3D para medir morfológicamente los diámetros pélvicos de relevancia clínica.

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Obstetric conjugate diameter OCD. Pelvimetria clinica CT scans were evaluated by two radiologists for compliance with the exclusion criteria. Add a personal note: Our study identified that there are significant differences in all these parameters regarding age.

These differences may be related to physiological and endocrine changes, nutritional factors, the amount and intensity of physical activity undertaken pelvimetria clinica individuals at different stages of life and bone remodelers Morales-Avalos et al. Our study measures the pelvic diameters of the birth canal using abdominopelvic computed tomography CT. Different imaging studies have been used for pelvimetry to identify the small pelvic diameters, examples pelvimetria clinica The CT scans pelvimetria clinica obtained from the Department of Radiology and Imaging database from patients who needed the image study for other purposes.

Distance between the center of the sacral promontory and the upper border of the pelvimetria clinica symphysis Fig. To better visualize the images a multiplanar reformatting program was used, Volume Rendering software number: MR pelvimetry measurements, analysis of inter- and intra-observer variation.

pelvimetría clínica

It is very important to determine the morphometric parameters of the pelvis in our population due to the excess in wrongly indicated cesarean. Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Knowing pelvimetria clinica parameters can aid in diagnosing cephalopelvic pelvimeyria and correctly indicate the best type of birth during the different stages of life.

Pelvimetry using computerized tomography. There are several types of dystocia, the most common is cephalopelvic disproportion Lenhard et al. The pelvimetria clinica to replicate measurements is essential for any morphological study, reason why intra- and inter-observer error test were made.

Does the radiological pelvimetry has a pelvimetia in obstetrics today? Currently, there is no standardized morphometry of the female pelvis pelvimetria clinica a Mexican population to establish adequate diagnostic parameter. A sample size with prior calculation of abdominopelvic CT simple pelvimetria clinica contrasted of Pelvimetria clinica women with an age range between 18 and 50 years mean pelvimetriw Cesarean sections are excessively indicated in Pelvimetria clinica Mexico, using the diagnosis of cephalopelvic disproportion due to a narrow pelvis.

Age- and gender-related variations in morphometric characteristics of thoracic spine pedicle: Correct indications for obstetric interventions are essential in order to reduce maternal and perinatal mortality Clinicq et al. Anatomical conjugate diameter ACD. Our study shows that as Mexican women get older, the mean pelvic diameters become narrower.

Term Bank – pelvimetría clínica – Spanish English Dictionary

Statistical significant difference in the comparison between the mean results of each diameter between the different age groups. Each scan was measured a second time, two weeks later by the first author. Diagnostic accuracy of maternal anthropometric measurements as predictors for dystocia in nulliparous women. In most patients it indicated that a caesarean section for cephalopelvic pelvimetria clinica, it is pelvimetria clinica based with a pelvimetry based on an imaging study Santin, peovimetria Finally, in order to assess pelvimetria clinica interobserver error, a randomized sample of 50 scans was selected and re-measured 2 weeks later by the same person as the first time.

A study of 4, pedicles. Radiographic measures of the mid pelvis to predict cesarean delivery. Access to patient’s records was not necessary.

Maternal and neonatal individual risks and benefits associated with caesarean delivery: Overall morphometric results of the different pelvic diameters in women. We also demonstrated that younger women are more likely to have wider pelvic diameters, which may narrow with increasing age, especially after the age of Two pelvimetria clinica and ninety CT from Mexican women pelvimetria clinica the ages of 18 and 50 were collected and 3D reformatted in order pelvimetria clinica morphologically measure the pelvic diameters of clinical relevance.

There were no financial or commercial gains in the completion of this study.

All measurements are reported in centimeters and were stored in a database for subsequent statistical analysis. We recognize that a limitation of this study is that the pelvimetria clinica history of each patient involved is unknown.

Theoretical and methodical fundamentals. Caesarean section for cephalo-pelvic disproportion performed without evidence.

The authors declare no conflict of interest.