I now pronounce you someone else / Erin McCahan. Eighteen-year-old Bronwen has long felt that she was switched with another child at birth, and so although. Here comes the bride, if she can pass chemistry. Bronwen Oliver wants a family – the right family instead of the one she was born into which. Here Comes the Bride — If She Can Pass Chemistry. Eighteen-year-old Bronwen Oliver has a secret: She’s really Phoebe, the lost daughter of the loving.

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I love this book madly because it’s both a good, hot, crunchy romance, with really strong characters on both sides and a believable pace to its events; and more than a romance — more than just another book for teen girls with a cute guy and a pretty pink blue cover. It was just too rushed and didn’t truly give you closure on several aspects of the plot. They’re flawed but aren’t demonized, and though they’re quirky, it never becomes caricature-ish or outrageous.

Made my breath come a little quicker. Bronwen is the narrator of this book and she has a unique dilemma. Despite the fluffy exterior of this novel, Erin tackles some serious issues and she does it tactfully and full of grace. And while I think this can be true my husband has helped pronoynce to be a much better person than I would be on my own – it can’t be deniedstill to put all your hopes for something better into someone else can only end in disappointment. Even though we were never engaged talked about itit’s hard on you when you really want it to work.

The story really picks up when Bronwen reunites with Jesus’s old friend, Jared Sondervan. I liked Bronwen and she gets points for having a unique namebut oh boy her mother was about to drive somdone nuts and I really, really wanted Bronwen to blow up in her face so they mccahann get their issues sorted out.

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else by Erin McCahan | Scholastic

But the characters wouldn’t be so awesome without the witty, entertaining humor that McCahan has infused in the dialogue and scenes. I really liked this book. I loved Bronwen’s best friend Kirsten. The teen-girl fascination with weddings comes to fiction in this hilarious debut, as year-old Bronwen Oliver plots her escape from her family.

Dec 06, Reyna rated it it was amazing. Erin McCahan is the reigning queen of summer YA reads. I won’t give any spoilers of course, but I didn’t see these things coming at all! Oh boy, there were tears.

Is she really ready for marriage or is she simply trading one identity crisis for another? Why had her beloved father died at such a young age? I can’t wait to see what else Ms. And I think that Jared senses that Bronwen has a lot going on. Bronwen’s battle with big decisions doesn’t stop at college; Bronwen is swept off her feet by a man yes, a man who she believes to be The One.

Brownen’s thoughts were in sync with mine, most of the time. But I want to invite the author over for dinner and talk to her about life on the lake and how much she hates living in Columbus where she currently lives and inevitably has to hear about how great Ohio State, I’m sorry, The Ohio State University is as compared to The University of Michigan when she doesn’t really care at all about either school, but suddenly feels an urge to defend her home state as if her life depends on it.

Read the full review over at Books from a Shelf She has a comeback always availible on her lips, and isn’t afraid to give a sarcastic comment. She has hidden depths that you don’t discover until later on in the story.

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else by Erin McCahan

But what I really liked was the emphasis on family. They fall in love and before graduation, Jared asks Bronwen to marry him.

The story left me dreaming about the possibilities. She never felt good enough, or as good as her brother. The issues and struggles felt like something the author actually experienced. May 11, Lynn rated it really liked it Shelves: It kind of reminds me of a breakup that I just recently went through.

I guess this is one of those stories that I will always remember, because in some way, I could really connect to Bronwen. It is endearingly thoughtful, with memorable characters and a modern humorous sensibility. She has great principles in life and she made good decisions. It’s also funny as hell, thanks to the Bronwen’s family and her own sharp voice. Really, I’m just not a condiment person.

Jan 14, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: In a world almost void of virtues and innocences, Browden voice rings true.

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else

Family life is such a broad topic and although it is showing up more frequently in the market these days, the topic is often ignored. View all 3 comments.

It’s about a 17 year old girl who falls in love, almost gets married before even going to school and decides that yes, she does love her fiance, but is she ready to give up her whole future wants just to be with him?

Some of the issues the couple faces I could see because of their age and stage differences.

While there is a lot of teen romance within the story, the main theme is that it is important to find out who you are as a person and be happy with that.

Only Bronwen can decide Bronwen wished to have a real family, that’s why since she heard of a news yku babies were interchanged in a hospital, she’s holding on to the time that someone will call their home and spill the news of her real family.

Nick’s car shuddered to a stop in that parking lot and we both sighed in relief, knowing we were lucky the car had not overheated and exploded on the highway on the way down.

I find it pretty, lovely and overall just beauteous! I think some relationships are meant to be bow after reading this book, some girls might make the decision that is better for her and not for “us”.

I read this book at a time that I was really down and all I wanted is to get away from all my woes and worries. Cute-combination of books and wedding but it was the concept that really drew me to the book.