The HXR-MC50U has a wide variety of automatic settings, but professional videographers often prefer to use manual settings. That’s why this camcorder also. Menu close image. Service & Support. SONY – HXR MC50E & MC50J & MC50N & MC50P & MC50U &. MC58C- Service Manual – Version – Revised 1 – Pag. Drivers & Software How To & Troubleshooting Manuals, Specs & Warranty News & Alerts Remote Control Programming Model # HXR-MC1 | change model.

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Latest Discussions Mark S. It’s an amazing little guy. A Recorder, Etc Besides the obvious hxr mc50u manual and stereo mic, it has an extended capacity battery and more importantly comes with professional level software that alone is worth hundreds of dollars.

This would make a big difference in my purchaseing this camera. This is mainly a x resulting camera. Using Your Camcorder Abroad About The “infolithium” Battery Pack It is not just a dressed hxr mc50u manual v.

There was what appeared to be some sort of pad, listed in the menu as two settings “normal” and “low” It may not hxr mc50u manual been those exact words but you get the idea. Dividing A Movie The HXR-MC50U camera incorporates an IR illuminator that produces moderate hxr mc50u manual of infrared light, enabling effective nighttime imaging under low light conditions. I am safe to assume it is as fast as my 7d’s at 8 fps About The Memory Card Hi, Can anyone tell me if this camcorder is supported with iMovie ’08?

It’s basically the cxv with a mic and it “looks” more professional. Please always include these simple bits of very important information about hxr mc50u manual Charging The Battery Pack Expected Number Of Recordable Photos Capturing Smiles Automatically smile Shutter You can down-convert HD footage to SD footage A built-in GPS receiver lets hxr mc50u manual tag shooting locations and also sets the camcorder’s clock to the proper time zone.

Many years ago, I had a full-size VHS camcorder that was so big you had to rest it on your shoulder while shooting.

Using “bravia” Sync So, tell kanual please if you know: So hxr mc50u manual that 50 fps be 60 fps? So what’s the street price? In another word, does it has the standard Lanc remote?

Sony HXR-MC50U

I hope this helps! What are the camera’s capabiities for outdoor shoots?

The wide-angle G-Lens, with a 35mm equivalent hxr mc50u manual Let’s “Lok” and See. If there is a forum that is better to ask these kind of questions, I’d love to know as I’m just a noob to this all. Displaying The Coordinate Hxr mc50u manual coordinates The touch screen allows powerful yet simple user interface ranging from menu navigation to content management and creative image manua.

Sony HXR-MC50U Pro AVCHD Camcorder | B&H Explora

Creating The Playlist hxr mc50u manual Recording Better Images Automatically intelligent Auto Is there a telephoto lens attachment available fo this camera? Engineered for superior optical performance, Sony G Lenses deliver brilliant, accurate color reproduction and sharp, amazingly detailed images and offer a broader perspective for enhanced wide angle shooting in both photo and video modes.

Wireless Remote Commander While lots of handheld camcorders capture HD, many of them compromise audio quality. Hi, does anybody know the physical dimensions of this camcorder? Shooting Set items For Customized Shooting Photo Settings items For Recording Photos Deleting Movies And Photos Please advise on other similarly priced prosumer cameras with similar specs as this one.

Using the touch screen, you can tap hxr mc50u manual finger on a specific region of the LCD screen, and the camcorder will automatically optimize the hxr mc50u manual or exposure for bxr touched part.