Data Sheet. Customer: Product: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – EXR Series. Size: 5x11mm May 1. HITANO ENTERPRISE CORP. 7F-7, No. Manufacturer, Description, Price / Small Quantity, Price / Complete Packing Unit, Disposability, Action. EXR4R7M2AAT1. Hitano. ER uF V 5×11 RM T/A. Characteristics. Voltage Range. ~ 63V. Capacitance Range. ~uF. Temperature Range. ~ + ℃. Leakage Current. I=CV or 3uA.

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Leaded Electrolytic Capacitors

Kingston Htano Helsinki, Finland Posts: Nov 28, 5. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 16 x January 08, However, I have used probably a hundred thousand Hitano EXR series caps over the years without a problem. I also remember reading elsewhere that “Aluminum” caps sounded sonically better or more musical, according to the “Golden ear brigade”?

Capacitor Electrolytic Snap-in 35 x 35mm Hitano. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Low Impedence 16 x 31 x. If you believe in that gitano burn in poop, you’ll believe the south can rise again. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Low Impedence 16 x 26 x 8mm.

Could anyone also throw some light on if aluminum ele. Capacitor Electrolytic 18 x 41mm Hitano. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? June 25, Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 5 x 11mm Jamicon. The capacitor swollen, and other related diode around the PWM controller failed due to the bigger ESR just 1 to 2 month later.

Capacitor Electrolytic 10 x 13mm. Hi, I’ve been building a few preamps Make sure to close any open double-quotes.

Nov 28, 7. Nov 27, 4. Thanks Squib for the info on Hitano caps Electrolytic capacitor in timing use?

Higher voltage rated caps Started by echotodd Drawing Board. Kingston on May 21, What’s the possible reason to lead to the failure? May 21, Capacitor Electrolytic 22 x 30mm Hitano. If you are, you can buy a proper cable burner from me.


Capacitor Electrolytic Screw Term Stud. Capacitor Electrolytic 25 x 50mm. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 8 x 7mm Hitano. Capacitor Electrolytic 22 x 30mm. Capacitor Electrolytic Snap-in 25 x 50mm Hitano. You did eexr you changed the layout on the second one, that could have something to do with a change in circuit behavior. Capacitor Electrolytic Snap-in 35 x 45mm.

Who’s right or wrong is irrelevant. Capacitor Electrolytic 13 x 26 x 5mm.

Конденсаторы электр. (+имп)

Nov 28, 6. I also wrote about this stiff back in the ’80s. You’d probably only notice the difference if the electrolytic was in a very low noise, low resistance signal path For the shred of truth about burning in circuits, there are some self annealing capabilities to heal zenered semiconductor junctions, but this is too thin and too unlikely a mechanism to justify that poop parade.

The capacitor swollen a bit after just less than 1 or 2 month operation in Semi industry machine, while it is designed for hours The capacitor type: Capacitor Electrolytic 25 x 45mm Snap-in. Ribbon microphone services http: I hope it is due to the customer wrong application, or even our design.

Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Low Impedence 6. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 18 x 35mm Hitano. May 23, Otherwise, it will be a disaster for us. Not understandable ESR value of the capacitor.


Capacitor Electrolytic 10 x 13mm Jamicon. Analogheart on May 21, Capacitor Electrolytic 16 x 36mm. Capacitor Electrolytic 25 x 50mm Jamicon. I think I can dig up some confederate dollars to use Capacitor Electrolytic Snap-in 25 x 30mm.