All nonimmigrant visa (visitor visa, H1 visa, student visa etc.) applicants need to fill DS, nonimmigrant visa form. Each traveler must have a separate. If you are a foreign national and wish to visit the US as a nonimmigrant, you must file Form DS, Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application at a US Consulate. Form EOIR Notice of Appeal from a Decision of an Immigration Judge · Form DS US Passport Application Form · Form EOIR Notice of Appeal from a.

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For more information, please contact Jacqueline Lentini McCullough at jacki lentinivisas.

For visitor visa applicants, this answer must be NO. Do I bring my entire application with ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application to the interview, or do I just bring the confirmation page? If you are applying onlineavailable only for people in India you don’t have to fill DS again all the details in that form will be collected online. No, with two exceptions.

Access Denied

Your gender, male or female. Don’t write vague answers like ‘as much as you let viwa, ‘as long as possible’, ‘as long as my daughter-in-law needs babysitter’, ‘don’t know’, ‘haven’t decided’ etc. It can also be a hotel where you might be staying.

Married women must be sure to include their full name as used before marriage, after marriage, and any other aliases. Can I create a family or ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application application?

Form DS-156, Non-immigrant Visa Application

All of applicatioh questions check for the grounds of inadmissibility. Sample DS that gives detailed guidance for each question in DS form. Each traveler must have a separate application applicatipn and must sign it by hand.

Photo Frequently Asked Questions. Date when passport is expiring. Effective Nov 1,handwritten or typed form will not be accepted in India. If you are sponsoring yourself, you may write your name or ‘Self’ here. Directory of Visa Categories.

If ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application have a mobile cell phone, write the number, else write ‘None’. Also talk to your school whether the course you want to attend nonimmigtant you to have a ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application visa.

Some posts, ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application as in Mexico using an Applicant Service Center as part of the nonimmigrant visa process, cannot use the old form DS Never write ‘help pregnant daughter-in-law’, ‘babysitting’, ‘help in applidation work’ etc.

Also called Last Name in the U. Issuance of visa will be delayed if the consulate is not informed of all names, previous and current, used by each applicant.

What does that mean?

Printer Friendly Send to Friend. Fees and Reciprocity Tables. Please verify with dw-156 U. The Form DS applicant must also ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application whether or not ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application or not he or she has ever unlawfully sold or distributed an unlawful substance or engaged in prostitution.

Even if you are applying for a business visa, you have to say ‘No’. This form cannot be downloaded here. Disclaimer Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Whatever time duration you specify, don’t write more than 6 months, and be prepared to answer what you will be doing during that much time in the U.

Business ss-156 holders applicayion attend meetings, plan for future expansion of their business, collect requirements from client for work overseas, but they can’t be working in the U. If you plan to work, write ‘Yes, will apply for work authorization’.

Form DS Nonimmigrant Visa Application – Immigration Forms – |

Embassies and Consulates New List of U. If you have ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application fax at home, write the number, else write ‘None’. Applicable if you have filled the form online while taking an appointment: Therefore, you will need to submit one printed photograph meeting requirements, along with the online DS confirmation page. Via means your job or other primary daily activity.

For most people, answers to these questions would be ‘No’. Do not draw a line or write “NA” or nonimmigrany applicable”.

Embassies and Consulates – K1-K3 Visas. Nohimmigrant you are married, divorced or separated, write your spouse’s name even if spouse is not going to be traveling with you or not ds-156 nonimmigrant visa application for a visa. Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status.