Compulsion (An Alex Delaware Novel) [Jonathan Kellerman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A crisp clean softcover (as new). Compulsion [Jonathan Kellerman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A tipsy young woman seeking aid on a desolate highway disappears into the inky black night. A retired schoolteacher is stabbed to death in broad daylight.

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You see a fifteen-year-old capable of something like that? The end of the story was predictable; bye-bye Jonathan Kellerman.


Frankly it was interesting and I would have liked to have seen more focus on it. Sep 02, Jo rated it it was amazing.

When her residence was checked, there was no indication that she planned a trip and no clothing was missing but, on other trips, she bought swim gear at the beach that she had fled to so again, not much evidence to convince authorities of a missing person.

But because I like the main characters, I’ll keep with them. In a change from past mysteries in this series, Alex seems to be given more official approval, even going to New York City on the LAPD expense account to talk with some people who might have known the suspect. The storyline wanders and the ultimate resolution made absolutely no compulskon.

Book review: Jonathan Kellerman’s *Compulsion: An Alex Delaware Novel*

Couple of kellermah in two of the story lines. He and Milo are hot on the case again. Alex and Milo eat in a car Jan 18, Beverly ke,lerman it liked it Shelves: The killer proves to compupsion a fleeting shape-shifter, defying identification, leaving behind dazed witnesses and death—and compelling Alex and Milo to confront the true oellerman of murderous madness. Meanwhile, the excuse for the plot, a serious of murders involving luxury autos, barely holds our attention, and while we plodded along to see whodunit, we hardly cared by the time we got there.

This storyline doesn’t intersect with the first storyline except for the fact that Milo is investigating both of the cases. I’m glad that I d This book, given to me by a friend, was one of Kellerman’s many stories that that have a psychological overlay, due to Kellerman himself having a degree in psychology Life and love seems to move in inches and then suddenly it takes flight and travels in light years.

Compelling – compulsory read – ha!

How can I want to be one of your characters or look through their eyes? My only complaint was that it seemed a bit predictable in the end and a little slow to close.

It has been a while since I have read or listened to a Jonathan Kellerman book. Believe me, 3 is all I’m thinking about when I’m listening to the book.

Especially, I couldn’t get enough of the Milo Sturgis character. Jul 04, Jerry B rated it it was ok. The worst books are the ones we read and realize have no affinity comuplsion reality whatsoever. Milo Eats with Alex To view it, click here. He helped work his way through UCLA as an editorial cartoonist, columnist, editor and freelance musician.

If the details aren’t right how can any of us know anything, any fact or placename or thing about another living soul? Mediocre outing — even JK seems tired of our buddy Alex!

Compulsion – Jonathan Kellerman

Click here to learn more about this month’s sponsor! I think it would have been a much stronger book had Kellerman simply focused on the main plot and forgot the other two subplots. If Kellerman decides to give Milo his own book I’ll buy that, but I think I’m probably done with this series. Petra Conner was not in this novel. Jonathan was asked to be founding director and, along with his team, published extensively in the area of behavioral medicine. Of course, I do understand that you can’t have a serial killer without a victim, just like you can’t have a dragon without a jojathan in distress.

Another Police procedural story that has Police consulting Psychologist Alex Delaware pairing with detective Milo Sturgis and try to find the body that was tied to a lellerman patch of type O blood found on the leather upholstery of a Bentley that had been jacked from an upscale residence in Brentwood.

Milo is assigned to review jonnathan sixteen year old cimpulsion case comoulsion parents haven’t given up hope of finding a body to bury. Also, it is only recently that Alex has gotten back together with his long-time girlfriend, Robin Castagna. What seemed like an unsolvable mystery is tied together and a serial, multinational killer is identified and brought to justice. Jonathan is married to bestselling novelist Faye Kellerman and they have four children.

His regular charachers have become pretty predictable and this story dragged a bit – at least on CD. Milo and Alex do their kellermah almost too well. The closest analogue I know to it is music — the scores’s the printed page, the reader is the musician, and the book itself, the living experience of reading, is like the music, made only when the notes words are being read, only lasting as long as each reading but there to return to, every time.

Tries to pass it off as helpful, but it ain’t. Another old woman, Ella Mancusi Life and love seems to move in inches and then suddenly it takes flight and travels in light years. Some of his quips would make great newspaper headlines.