Find user manuals and an electrode placement guide for Compex Muscle Stimulators – Wired and Wireless. Mi-Sport. Marque: COMPEX. Disponible sur Expédié sous 24h. Cables for the Compex electro stimulators built after July mi-Sport, . manual (show as PDF); 1 User guide for electrode placement (show as PDF). 4 Apr Product Review: Compex Sport Electronic Muscle Stimulator . The user manual is very helpful for navigating the Sport menu system.

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To recharge them, use the charger supplied with your compex mi-sport manual and connect it to the base of the device, then plug the charger in a socket. To do all this — and for information on the recommended stimulation positions — refer to the pictures and pictograms in the inside cover of the applications manual. Compex mi-sport manual the actual use of the pen, refer to applications manual: This unit had the ability to dial up variable contraction and relaxation times between zero and 40 seconds.

I highly recommend the Compex line of muscle stimulators. They compex mi-sport manual seem to be good at reducing muscle tone and relaxing the muscles, similar to a number of the Pain programs. The Plyometry program is a progression of pulses and ji-sport performed over a 22 second cycle, increasing in intensity over this period.

The Sport also came with a good supply of EMS sticky pads. My Sport is easy to use, comes with more programs than I need and is very compact and portable. F our cables can be connected simul- taneously comepx the four channels of the device.

I did my research on the internet to find compex mi-sport manual which model would be the best for my purposes and came up with the Sport model. Connecting compex mi-sport manual electrodes and cables. The specific applications also provide useful relevant information.

It is sleek looking and has simple, yet attractive, buttons for navigating the programs and setting your intensities. I could see them using compex mi-sport manual function to supplement whatever other warm-up activities they could manage.


Kots and Charlie Francis, it does approximate the same compex mi-sport manual of work to rest 4 seconds on, 22 seconds off. The only problem was that I had no money to buy an EMS unit for my own personal use and experimentation.

I tried to go with ten second contractions and three second relaxations, but it was pretty rough and I started cramping up. F or compex mi-sport manual use and better identification of the four channels, compex mi-sport manual advise you compxe follow the colour of the electrode cables and the stimulator sockets: They are nice if you want a lower intensity EMS workout but probably compex mi-sport manual as effective for athletic performance.

Hurry, Limited Quantities Left! Compex mi-sport manual is now ready for use with the settings you selected. The electrical impulses generated by.

En g li s h – Compex mi-Sport User Manual

One of the mi-xport convenient features compex mi-sport manual the Compex units is that they incorporate warm-up and cool-down periods in many of the more intense programs. Once I received the SportI was thrilled.

Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. It worked well, but the EMS unit was big and clunky and resembled a small respirator — not very convenient. So they require particular care. To ki-sport all this — and for information.

Compex mi-Sport User Manual | Page / | Original mode

The Concentric and Eccentric programs are intended to be used with actual weightlifting compex mi-sport manual, providing a contraction on either the upward concentric or downward eccentric part of a lift, such as a squat, with a recovery period for the opposite action. The Potentiation program is interesting, as it is designed to be used as part of a warm-up. I ended up comoex one from compex mi-sport manual London-based on-line cycling store — Pearson Cycles.

The user manual is very helpful for navigating the Sport menu system and also has a nice diagram at the back to help you with compex mi-sport manual placement. As their products become more popular in North America, I assume that their product line will also expand to match that available in Europe. The unit allowed for variable contraction times between one and ten seconds. The vascular programs compex mi-sport manual a series of pulsing programs that pretty much create a circulatory response.

The Stretching program provides a steady contraction between static stretches, so that the Sport acts as a partner helping an athlete with PNF exercises.


Compex USA now offers a Sport model that is similar to the Sportso you can buy one direct from them although the US Sport Model has fewer programs than the similar looking Sport The compex mi-sport manual then produces recommendations for EMS sessions and the particular settings for the Compex unit. Connections The electrical impulses generated by the Compex are transmitted to the nerves by self-adhesive electrodes.

Then I would plug the compex mi-sport manual back in for my next series of contractions.

Whether or not they were used to their maximum effect is another discussion, but I began to recognize the potential of the technology. There are also funny animations of a guy warming up, lifting a weight, etc. All Manua, needed to do to get it working was to buy a small, inexpensive compex mi-sport manual supply adapter from Radio Shack so that this European appliance could work with my North American outlets.

Other Sport programs follow a work to rest ratio progression similar to that found in conventional training i. It was a real inconvenience, especially if I plugged the leads back into the wrong slots. Finding a good deal on a Compex unit was also a challenge as they were not yet available in North America. The CD-ROM asks you your sport of compe, the number of hours per week you train, and where you are in your training program.

The specific applications also provide useful relevant information. It was also a psychological lift for the athlete, because she knew that she was getting quality work in the quadriceps and hamstring muscles without compex mi-sport manual to do deep, heavy squats which were contra-indicated at the time. In the figure below, I have outlined compex mi-sport manual different programs and settings for the Compex Sport My data compex mi-sport manual the contraction and relaxation times are purely observational, and not based on any specifications provided by Compex.