View and Download Brunton user manual online. Brunton User Guide . Compass pdf manual download. View and Download Brunton 15TDCL user manual online. Brunton 15TDCL Compasses: User Guide. 15TDCL Compass pdf manual download. The Brunton Compass. A. Parts of the Brunton Pocket Transit. 1. compass- measuring magnetic bearing. 2. clinometer- measuring vertical inclination of planes.

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In this case, the north magnetic pole is 15 deg; west of true north.

Trend is the bearing of a linear object measured in the direction brunton compass manual which the line is inclined down. Inclination is a vector, meaning that it has two components: In such cases, we need to directly measure the clmpass by either eye-level sighting or by touching as described above. First, measure the plane i.

Brunton compass manual example, a primary linear structure such as the crest of ripple marks or flute casts on a bed may be brunton compass manual around the axis of a fold. Thus, the trend of only one of the needles is correct when reading a line.

Thus, we need to know how to measure linear and planar objects of all kinds, such as sedimentological and structural fabric compsas, and map lithostratigraphic boundaries such as contacts. Measuring the attitude of linear objects Measuring trend and plunge: Using the compass for the two-point problem Sometimes we may be located at a contact of a horizontal layer e.

For planar features such as bedding the boundaries of a bedfault, and foliation, the bearing and inclination become strike and dip. Brunton compass manual the compass the arm and lid opened completely and vrunton the edge of the lid and box with the line while the whole ring on the brunton compass manual of the compass touches the fault.

This page was last edited on 31 Mayat Suggestions, corrections, or comments? This technique is also handy in determining the strike of a layer.

Plunge is the amount of the inclination of the linear feature. Then it becomes overcast for several long days. The bruntom angle q can then be used to calculate the height h of an object e.

For example, to read a bearing of o, we level the dial and then turn right of north, but the north-seeking end of the needle turns to the left brunton compass manual 0o, which is actually east on the dial; so we read a correct bearing.

While in the same position, read the dip of the layer across the strike line using compasd clinometer as described for measuring the dip. The “line” compaxs is the brunton compass manual projection of an inclined linear object, or a horizontal line on an inclined plane. The weight needs to be reversed if using the compass in the southern hemisphere where the magnetic inclination is upward.

The Brunton compass, which will brunton compass manual brjnton shortly, has an index pin at the north end of the compass ring the ring around the face of the compass brunton compass manual the azimuths printed on it.

Brunton 15TDCL User Manual

We brunton compass manual measuring the crest of a ripple brjnton which is roughly trending somewhere ,anual north we know which way is N in the field because we bruton the compass! If vrunton is plunging to around the N, then read the needle white or black that points to N or in the NE or NW quadrants and not brunton compass manual opposite directions. Let’s take a moment to make sure we understand how such a compass works.

This is because the intersection of a non-vertical plane and brunton compass manual plane is not a horizontal line, and thus cannot be a strike! Position brunton compass manual target on the black line on the mirror, and after centering the round level, read the trend.

Unlike analogue compasses, a digital compass relies on an accelerometer and a teslameter, and may provide much information as to the reliability of a measurement e. We have the freedom of reading either of the two needles; it does not matter which one we read!

The magnetic declination is set by turning the brass screw on the side of the compass box. Bearing is a scalar feature, i.


brunton compass manual They repeat this for a second line by constructing a second line l2. Inclination, on the other hand, is the vertical angle between a linear or planar object and the horizontal. If you are East of the zero declination line, your compass will point West of true North, This is called westerly declination. Brunton compass manual the other person is taller by 5 cm, then we shoot to the mouth level of that person. Dip is taken by laying the side of the compass perpendicular to brunton compass manual strike measurement and rotating horizontal level until the bubble is stable and the reading has been made.

Take the average of the two readings. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Brunton compass

This means that your compass, unless you correct it, will point 15 deg; west of true north. The quadrant scale uses an alphanumeric notation e. To take a bearing hold the compass level in front brunton compass manual you.

Georgia Geological Society Guidebooksv. Hold your breath, and read the bearing indicated by the black or white needle whichever is apparent in the mirrorthat brunton compass manual, the strike of the plane in the mirror without moving the box or going off level.

This is so because the earth is surrounded by brunton compass manual magnetic field, and. The true direction brnton the brunton compass manual may be indicated by the white or the black needle; the color depends on how we hold the compass sighting arm away or toward our bodyand on which way we are facing in the field looking north or south.

If the linear object is plunging, only one of the needles the north-seeking or the south-seeking indicates the true trend of the linear feature. The boundaries of ,anual domains are identified mapped by locating the adjacent stations at which specific fabric data are homogeneous.


The correct name for this end of the mankal is “north seeking pole”. For brunton compass manual purpose, the compass below would work fine. If we are sighting shooting to another person who is shorter than we are, say by 5 cm, then we shoot 5 cm above that person’s eye level at forehead or head level. If the clinometer, barrel-shaped level is not centered in this position, gently move the box off the plane and slightly turn ,anual clinometer, and lay the box back on the plane while aligning the edge with the line.

Measure the true dip of the layers and brunton compass manual the clinometer at that angle.

The correct way to write a quadrant notation is N or S for north or southfollowed by an angle, followed by E or W for east or west. Just set the clinometer at the 0o mark; stand on the layer, look brunton compass manual the layer, and manul the clinometer without turning the clinometer.