Now the truth of this history will appear by considering the arguments on both sides. III. The arguments alleged for the testimony of the Three in. A Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend [Isaac Newton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend [Sir Isaac Newton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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For if the ancient churches, in debating. And these histoeical are one. Editorial interventions are applied to expand abbreviations and correct textual mistakes.

The textual history of both passages is detailed, showing exactly when and how they became corrupted.

Quidam ipsas scripturas verbis illicitis imposturave runt, sicut Macedonius Constantinopolitanus episcopus. For corruptuons the Apocalypse xviii. In Thomas Aikenheadan eighteen-year-old student charged with denying the Trinity, was hanged at EdinburghScotland. The history of the corruption in short is this. Sed praepostera emendatio fac ile conspicitur. It was easier to change a letter or two in the Greek then six words in the latine.

The history of the corruption, in short, is this. So then to summe up the argument, the Complutensian Divines did sometimes correct the greek by the Latine without the authority of any one greek Ma nuscript, as appears by their practise in Mat. Customers who bought this item also bought.

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The first edition in greek which has the testimo ny of the three in heaven was that of Cardinal Xime nes printed at Complutum in Spain A. Then Jerome, for the same end, inserted the Trinity in express words into his version. Non enim ita ab apostolo positum est, nt tu id truncatum vitiatumque po- suisti. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

Having given you the history of the controversy, I shal now confirm all that I have said from the sense of the text it self. In reconciling this difficulty I consider therefore that the only words of the text quoted by Cyprian in both places are, And these three are one: Spiritum divina separat natura qui humanitatem ejus creavit.

Switching to the diplomatic view of this text will show 13 deletions, reveal 10 additions and not apply 3 editorial regularizations. But to us Thomas Aquinas is no Apostle. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. Focus is kept on the texts themselves and theological speculation is avoided – Newton even makes an attempt to soothe orthodox believers in the prefatory paragraph with the appeal that the question is about “no article of faith, no point of discipline; nothing but a criticism concerning a text”.

For though Stephens had fifteen manuscripts in all, yet all of them did not contain all the Greek Testament. In other languages Add links. Et spiritus est qui testificatur quoniam Christus est veritas: It was easier for one nation to do it then for three to conspire. For had it been in Cyprian’s Bible, the Latines of the next age, when all the world was engaged in disputing about the Trinity, and all arguments that could be thought of were diligently sought out, and daily brought upon the stage, could never have been ignorant of a text, which in our age, now the dispute is over, is chiefly insisted upon.

The same reading, without any variation, is published by Francis Historicwl in his edition, printed anno Christiby Aldus at Venice, out of the manuscripts of those part?. For in the times of the holy war, the Latines had much to do in the East. He wrote it therefore in the yearas Baronius also reckons. It occurs also frequently in Vigiliua Tapsensis, another African bishop, contemporary to Fulgentius. Simon has noted it wanting in five others in the libraries of the king of France, Mons.

An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture – Wikisource, the free online library

The next part of this document is Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture part 4: A reading to be found in no manuscripts but the Latin, and not in the Latin before Jerome’s age, as Jerome himself confesses, can be but of little authority: For although the more learned and quick-sighted men, as Luther, Erasmus, Bullinger, Grotius, and some. And while I’m glad I bought and read it, it goes on and on and on in regards to minor changes in scriptural text For this is most certain that some greek manuscripts have been corrected by the Latine ones.

Rough Draft Printing May 16, Language: They that have been conversant in his writings, observe a strange liberty which he takes in asserting things. Et hoc, quod super hdc re apo- stolico testimonio uteris, divini testimonii ordinem rationemque furaris.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. This is a thick read, in a highly acccount style of English. For who that inserted the rest of Ierome into the text would leave out such a passage for the Trinity as this has been taken to be?

An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture

It is an interesting book. And can such shuffling dealings satisfy considering men? Propter hoc admonui te, ne fallaris: Non peperit creatura creatorem sed peperit hominem Deitatis ministrum. Cassiodorus, or who ever was the author of the latin Version of the discourse of Clemens Alexandrinus on these Epistles of S t Iohn, reads it thus.

Referenced In Joshua Such another book was one of those, out of which Valesius collected his various lections. Nay, rather it was [formerly] not Jcnown to angels. Austin, reading the text without the seventh verse, tells us, that many then understood the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood, to signify the Trinity. Such men may use the Apostle Iohn as they please: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.