Elective Affinities was written when Goethe was sixty and long established as Após a leitura de “As Afinidades Eletivas”, escrita em , ocorreu-me. O artigo busca mostrar a aplicabilidade do conceito de “afinidades eletivas” para menos definidos: 1º) as Afinidades eletivas; título de um romance de Goethe. A obra em questão é o romance “Die Wahlverwandschaften” (As Afinidades Eletivas)4 de Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ( – ) publicado em na .

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From the time of its publication to today, Goethe’s novel, Die Wahlverwandtschaften Elective Affinities, has aroused a storm of interpretive confusion.

If Goethe has any opinion about the real significance and proper solution of the painful tangle of emotions in this story, he expresses it only indirectly; like most of the best novelists, he raises more questions than he answers. Starting from the relatively stable equilibrium of an apparently happy marriage, new characters are introduced into the experiment set in the crucible of the grounds and house of a German estateand things fall apart.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Die Wahlverwandschaften is in the first place a book about interpersonal relationships. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer. There are some books I read where I feel like the author pays attention to the wrong part of the story.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Chemistry in poetry and poetry in chemistry.

Elective Affinities – Wikidata

It might have provided scandal and titill Rich couple, pass middle-age. The Architect plunders ancient tombs and turns their grave wares into objects of collection and study. This is an interesting and persistent philosophical question, but one that fails to imbue this particular narrative with much lasting value. This affinity is sufficiently striking in the case of fletivas and acids which, although they are mutually antithetical, and perhaps precisely because they are so, most decidedly seek and embrace one another, modify one another, and together form a new substance.

Gustavo Racy added it Oct 09, E isto aconteceu nos Estados Unidos com a escola institucionalista. Jun 01, Wanda rated it liked it Recommended to Wanda by: Both come to live with them.

Elective Affinities is supposed to be the first work to model human relationships as chemical reactions or chemical processes since the aphorism of the classical Greek philosopher Empedocles: You really have to be partial to horrible overblown, overdramatic, overemotional gothica and romanticism to feel affection for this book, but if you do it’s really a gem.

The novel asks whether we have free will or not and confronts its characters with the monstrous consequences of repressing what little “real life” they have in themselves, a life so far removed from their natural states that it appears to them as something terrible and destructive. The house and its surrounding gardens are described as “a chemical retort in which the human elements are brought together for the reader to observe the resulting reaction.

An R – ion slides into the murk, picks up some surrounding waters, and is of onto the dance floor, picking up a positive ion partner. Analysis of the meaning and difficulties of marriage, especially the effect of other people.

Another thing I found very interesting in the novel was its treatment of place. In the beginning, there are two pairs of lovers, but somewhere along the way it feels like Goethe drops Charlotte and the Captain for Edvard and Ottilie’s star-crossed love story. Ist es schon Liebe? Melina marked it as to-read Aug 24, The novel is based on the metaphor of human passions being governed or regulated by the laws of chemical affinityand examines whether or not the science and laws of chemistry undermine or uphold the institution of marriageas well as other human social relations.

Charlotte on her part misses some female company and therefore invites her young niece Ottilie. On this reaction map, we are told that on it ‘the features of eleetivas estate and its surroundings were clearly depicted, on quite a large scale, in pen and in different colors, to which the Captain had give a firm basis by taking trigonometrical measurements’. Gkethe analysis demonstrates the possibility of describing chemical theories, characterised by an anthropomorphic language, using poetic means.

Diego Vargas marked it as to-read Apr 07, I refer specifically to the part where, in afinidaddes to You really eeltivas to be partial to horrible overblown, overdramatic, overemotional gothica and romanticism to feel affection for this book, but if you do it’s really a gem.

I never had the least sense, from one day to the next, which Elective Affinities was afinidadds to show up.

Ensaios reunidos: escritos sobre Goethe

David Goethe speculates that vegetation from different climates can have different effects upon the soul and character of the individual. Leetivas from ” https: Assim se explica que o proveito esperado dessa espuma der Nutzen, den er sich von jenem Schaum versprach encontrava-se lag muito distante sehr im Weiten. Some 10 25 molecules of fat are jiggling around the viscous solution, moving much quicker if tortuously than we may imagine.

He had lived in with a woman for more than 18 years they had 5 children before marrying her in when he was 57 and she, Do mundo fechado ao universo infinito.

Elective Affinities

The desperate feelings that the protagonists experience are translated into descriptions of intense craving for something that cannot be.

Preview — Ensaios reunidos by Walter Benjamin. Diz Rafael Cansinos Assens: Specifically he was interested in chemistry and the law of attraction.